anna paola snaidero

"Art, like life, is eternal."


I first became acquainted with art when I was 5 years old. I drew three kittens during one of my boarding school art classes and the teachers were so impressed that they immediately put it on the wall for everyone to see. Ever since that day, I have been involved with graphics, color, fabrics, and shapes, whether for my current profession or for interior design. My dream has become reality.

I paint because it makes me happy. I like to express joy and happiness through the use of color. 

I hope you enjoy my work!

Anna Paola

In her recent works, Anna Paola Snaidero, the Italian-born artist based in California, explores and deepens her abstract vocabulary: bold splashes of color that coalesce within outlined shapes combine with diaphanous, thinned-down acrylic to fill the pictorial space with strikingly intricate images. A richly layered surface achieves a density that adds depth and substantiality to the paintings. 

In “Universe”, a palette of deep tonalities of blue creates a breathtaking lyrical abstraction. In the triptych “Red Metamorphosis”, gestural brushwork adds visual complexity to blocks of intense red meandering across the three canvases. 

Giovanna Zamboni Paulis

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